NICU Parking Assistance Fund


Giving families the opportunity for presence and time with their babies.

Each year hundreds of premature infants and babies with long-term health problems are cared for in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Families are suddenly faced with the stress of having a baby in the hospital and that stress is often compounded by lost wages and unforeseen expenses like medical bills, child care for siblings, meals, transportation and parking.

The Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital NICU Family Advisory Council is working to alleviate the stress of parking expenses for NICU families who are struggling financially and those who are facing extended stays.

Your support of this effort will enable families to spend crucial time with their babies. A truly invaluable gift. Thank you!

Donation Levels

One Year of Parking = $1,200
One Month of Parking = $110
One Day of Parking = $20

Make a one time donation now!